Bots more powerful
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Automatization client service
for traiding systems

There are 2 buttons on the website: "Start a chat" and "Start a chat in Telegram":
/on your website
Start a web chat
Start a chat in Telegram
First, a client receives questions about the requested topic and provides identification data. After that, a notification is sent to the support teams Telegram channel, where a support specialist can press a button to create a dedicated Telegram chat, where his messages are redirected to a client's dialog box on the website, and vice versa - client's messages are redirected from a dialog box on the website to a support specialist in a Telegram chat.
1) "Start a chat in Telegram" button - offers to open the Telegram application and start a dialog with the Telegram bot.
2) "Start a chat" button - opens a dialog box on the website, where communication between a client and the support team is held.
Start a dialog between a client and the bot.Welcome a client, initiate the identification process of the client and define the aims of his request
Yes - further we define the aims of a client's request. If a client exists in the system, identification is possible - asking for special client's data, such as their name, surname and email. Sending an SMS verification code from a chat dedicated to communication with the bot is also possible
No - we additionally ask a client how to call (name) him, define the country of a request. We can ask for any additional data (for example, a telephone number, email) and record them in the database for further processing and send a commercial or advertising offer. The selection of options could be preset (for example, the list of countries), or flexible (a client writes the name of the country in text without choosing from preset options)
Do you have an account?

After gathering information about a client or verification, we query the purpose of a client's request.
/type of question
Also we provide the ability for a client to request a managers call back to a mobile phone or in Telegram
For example:
/CallBack to mobile Phone
/CallBack to Telegram
Any type of request can be added, along with receiving information in auto-mode, including registration, activation and user's authorization.

When a client selects the CallBack to Mobile Phone option, he should provide his telephone number, which will be available for a support team to call back. A client receives a message "Please wait for a call to your telephone number ***".
The request to call back goes to a support team's chat with the details of a client and his telephone number.
When a client selects the CallBack to Telegram option, he receives a message "Please wait for a call in Telegram" The request to call back goes to a support team's chat with the details of a client and his contact details in Telegram.
More features
The bot can send requests to a client to measure quality after a dialog.
The bot can save dialogs to a database, connecting data and dialogs in a CRM-system
Sending documents to the bot and further adding them to a CRM-system
Sending and processing any requests necessary to work with a client
/for management
/for IT department:
/back office:
/for employees
/for users
/for management
• Report on deposits for today
• Report on payouts for today (processed and pending)
• Comparative report on deposits/payouts for today and 1/2/3 years ago
• Number of open chats
• Number of processed chats
• Number of chats with 1 star, number of chats with (2, 3, 4, 5) stars
• Which support team member processed the largest amount of chats
• Which support team member has the highest rate by stars
• Number of new users against returning users
• Number of registrations
• Number of deposits for new registrations
• Average request processing speed
• Average client wait time
/for IT department
• Technical problems
• Services' status
• Reports on current tasks in schedulers (for example, report on backup processes)
• Other abnormal situations or events in systems
/back office
• Number and total sum of payouts
• Number of processed tasks
• Number of uncompleted tasks (waiting for a task's assigner)
• Number of urgent tasks
• Number of registrations/number of people who have uploaded documents
/for employees
Support (processing an online chat in Telegram, adding templates)

• Notifications about uploading new documents (with a download link for further processing)
• Notifications about a new registration
• Back office (notification about new requests for payout)
/for users
• Adding a new request to ServiceDesk from Telegram
• Receiving information in auto-mode (such as quotes, important news, individual offers)
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